Step 01
Initial contact

Send us details of the product you are looking to sell along with detailed images using our contact us page or message us on one of our SNS accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Line or Whatsapp and one of our trained buyers will assess your product and estimate a purchase price.
Note. The price may increase or decrease after an in-person inspection of the product.

Step 02
Filling Out Forms

After assessing your product we will request you to send us a picture of your ID and fill out our Purchase Agreement & Invoice, excel files for both will be emailed to you.

Step 03
Preparing to Ship by EMS

We request that you ship all products by EMS and highly recommend that you insure your product considering the price of a single product is quite high. You will be asked to prepare the products as per the instructions provided and send us the tracking code of the shipment.

Step 04
Getting Paid

Once we receive your product, our trained buyers will re-assess your product and quote you a confirmed price, if you are happy with the said price and agree to sell, we will transfer you the agreed amount via bank transfer in HKD.